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3503 Excavator (2008-2011)

Quick Specs

  • Digging Depth of 10'7" - short arm 
  • Digging Depth of  11'7" - long arm
  • Net Power of 32 hp
  • Weight of 7,715 lbs. - cab
  • Weight of 7,530 lbs. - canopy 
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Key Features

  • Maximum Digging Depth of 10'7" with the short arm and 11'7" with the long arm 
  • Maximum Dump Height of 11'10.5" with the short arm and 12'6" with the long arm
  • Operating weight with a canopy is 7,530 lbs.
  • Operating weight with a cab is 7,715 lbs.
  • 32 hp Yanmar diesel engine
  • Hydraulic system is powered by two-variable capacity pumps and one gear pump, allowing for simultaneous hydraulic function without loss of power or speed
  • The tail overhang of the tracks is 23"
  • Slew speed of 10 rpm
  • Dual travel speed of 1.5 mph to 3.0 mph 
  • Sloped undercarriage frame reduces the amount of materials that build-up, increasing safety and reducing clean-up
  • Extra large operator station features ergonomic controls and an adjustable, high-back seat
  • Service is made easy with a large, swing-open door providing access to the hydraulic valve bank and a smaller swing-open door provides access to the engine.
  • 3503 Load Chart

3503 Load Chart 


  • Joystick controls
  • SAE/ISO Selector Valve allows operators to choose their control operating format
Low Ground Pressure

Low Ground Pressure

A rigid undercarriage and rubber tracks spread out the machine's weight over a larger area, reducing the amount of pressure exerted on the ground. Steel reinforcements in the Bridgestone tracks make difficult terrain easy to maneuver.

Auxiliary Hydraulics

Auxiliary Hydraulics

Hydraulic flow up to 15.1 gpm allow for the operation of a wide variety of attachments. Flat-faced couplers make attaching, and detaching, hydraulic lines quick and easy.

Hydraulic Self Leveling

Hydraulic Self Leveling

As the lift arm is raised on the loader, the hydraulic self-leveling feature keeps the attachment level. This reduces material spillage and operator fatigue, allowing your operators to be more efficient and productive.