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Articulated Loader Attachments

As construction and infrastructure heats up – companies are looking to expand their fleets through rentals. Whether long term or short term rentals – Mustang equipment is the choice for your rental fleet or independent rental center. With a variety of control options, easy maintenance, and durable designs, Mustang loaders and excavators excel in the rental sector

You make your name on the quality of the machine you offer for rent. Mustang understands this and provides equipment that is reliable and durable.


Land Leveler

Land Leveler

The EDGE land leveler is the perfect landscaping preparation attachment designed to sift dirt and remove large chunks and rocks for a smooth finish. The land leveler can be used to smooth out lots, roads and trails or prepare running tracks and baseball diamonds.


Log Grapple

Handling brush, awkward debris, logs and more is made easy with the right grapple. The EDGE log grapple is designed for handling and transporting logs, pipes, brush and other bulky materials.

Log Grapple Rotating

Log Puller

It’s not just for logs! The EDGE log puller/rotating grapple is a versatile attachment designed to lift and handle heavy, awkward size material such as logs, culverts, water pipes, telephone poles and more with controlled precision.

Log Splitter Inverted

Log Splitter - Inverted

Double your productivity with the EDGE inverted log splitter providing a fast, easy and cost-effective alternative to the back-breaking job of splitting wood. Split wood up to 24” with less time and effort.

Manure Scraper

Manure Scraper

The EDGE manure scraper is an essential tool in agricultural applications. They are great for cleanup work, and can be used for other applications such as flood cleanup as well.

Manure Slurry Bucket

Manure Slurry Bucket

The EDGE® Manure Slurry Bucket is ideal for cleaning free stall barns or removing any liquid waste products such as storm water run-off.

Material Unroller

Material Unroller

The EDGE material unroller is a must have attachment for any landscaping company. Contractors will find themselves up to three times more productive with half of the labor!

Onboard Scale

On-Board Scale

The EDGE on-board scale measures, displays and records the dynamic or static weight of a load on or in a bucket, combination bucket, grapple or pallet fork.


Other Attachments

Moving pallets with your machine is a task that makes sense for millions of machine owners, but as with any other machines attachment your machine is only as good as your attachment. We have a full line of machine pallet forks for sale designed to fit any size.

Pallet Fork Grapple

Pallet Fork w/Grapple

The EDGE pallet fork frame with grapple features a unique jaw action which pulls material toward the frame as the jaw closes.

Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks

Standard, medium and heavy-duty models are available to suit any need and any budget. EDGE pallet forks can also be custom branded for free with company names or logos.

Pallet Fork Hydraulic

Pallet Forks - Hydraulic

The EDGE pallet forks with hydraulics come in three different styles: rotating, side shift, and sliding tine. All three options feature the walk-through style, allowing easy access in and out of the cab.